Bullhead City, Arizona

Bullhead City, Arizona has been the place that I have called home for the past twelve years. Many of the experiences that I have had in my hometown are experiences that I couldn’t have had anywhere else. Bullhead City has been a great place to grow up.

There have always been things to do that are both fun and recreational. Growing up here, my favorite memories are of playing soccer. There is a great youth soccer program through the local AYSO. For youth in the area there are teams that play throughout the season with the season culminating in a tournament. The winner of the tournament goes on to play in the next round, which includes teams from different areas. After the regular season, an all-star team is selected to travel throughout California and Arizona competing in various tournaments.

Of the many other recreational things to do, the river is probably one of the most popular. Not only does the river provide a place to swim and go boating but it is also the biggest attraction to our town. The people that come from out of town to enjoy the river help the local economy to flourish.

The city has been growing a lot but it still has that small town feeling. The fact that you can still get through town without seeing a red light every 25 feet reminds you that this is still a smaller town. However, in the past several years there have been many additions and expansions to the city itself, such as the parkway. Many new premier housing developments are being added on the parkway. This part of town is growing more than any other part.

Across the river is Laughlin, Nevada that has just about anything you could want to do. They have arcades at the various casinos, three movie theatres, bowling, two antique car exhibits, and the river walk. Not to mention that there are many great buffets and restaurants throughout Laughlin. If there is something that is needed that can’t be found in town, Bullhead City is centrally located, in that Las Vegas, Kingman, and Phoenix are all no more than four hours drive. Also, fairly close are Mexico, the Grand Canyon, and the Pacific Ocean which are all great vacation spots.

The best thing about Bullhead City is the personal experiences that I have had. The friends and the memories that I have here are what make this place home. Even though I had the chance to go to school out of state, I chose to stay in state and go to school closer to home because all my friends and family were here.

Bullhead City has been my home for the past twelve years and even though I am leaving, it will always be home. I now realize that even though there were times that I have wanted to leave, I am glad that I didn’t because my life wouldn’t be going in the direction it is going now. There is no telling how my life would be different.